Bellman Visit External Microphone


Use the External Microphone together with a Bellman Visit Door Transmitter – and Bellman Visit receivers – to alert you to the intercom buzzer in your apartment.


The External Microphone is an accessory in the Bellman Visit range. Affix the External Microphone to the intercom receiver inside your apartment, and plug the jack into your Bellman Visit Door Transmitter.

If a visitor presses on the external intercom buzzer for your unit, you will be notified with sounds, flashes or vibrations (depending on your Bellman Visit receiver/s). You can then go to the internal intercom receiver in your apartment and press the button to open the external door, enabling the visitor to enter the apartment building. 

The Bellman Visit External Microphone is for indoor use only. The cord is 75cm (750mm) long, so the Door Transmitter must be positioned within 75cm of the intercom receiver.

The External Microphone is ONLY compatible with:

  • Bellman Visit Door Transmitter (activates door icon; sound is “ding dong”)