Bellman Visit Door Transmitter


The Bellman Visit Door Transmitter connects a standard audible doorbell to your Bellman Visit home notification system and alerts you via your choice of flash, vibration or sound. With the appropriate Bellman Visit accessory, this product can enable use of an apartment intercom buzzer.


Have you ever spent a day at home waiting for a much-anticipated delivery, only to find a “Sorry we missed you” card on the doormat? Do your friends and family wind up waiting outside in the heat or cold because you haven’t heard the doorbell or apartment intercom buzzer? 

The Bellman Visit Door Transmitter “hears” your standard audible doorbell and triggers your Bellman Visit home notification system, which will alert you via your choice of flashing light and/or vibration and/or loud sound.

The Bellman Visit Door Transmitter works with other Bellman Visit accessories to extend the functionality of your home notification system:

  • With a Bellman Visit External Microphone affixed to the intercom speaker in your apartment and plugged into your Door Transmitter, you’ll be able to use your apartment intercom system exactly as your neighbours do.

The Bellman Visit Door Transmitter is highly programmable: multiple Door Transmitters can be programmed to produce different sequences of flashing lights, vibrations or noises on your Bellman Visit receivers, so you always know which device has been activated. Please contact us prior to ordering, or let us know via the Order Notes at checkout, if you would like your Door Transmitter/s programmed, as this will need to be organised with our supplier prior to shipping.

In the box:

  • Bellman Visit Door Transmitter
  • Batteries (2x AA)
  • Velcro strap (to affix to Wireless Door Chime or Ring 3 Chime)
  • Screw and wall plug

The Bellman Visit Door Transmitter is compatible with the following products:

  • Bellman Visit External Microphone (for use in apartments with intercom buzzer)
  • Wireless Door Chime 
  • Bellman Visit Alarm Clock
  • Bellman Visit Flash Receiver
  • Bellman Visit Pager Receiver
  • Bellman Visit Portable Receiver
  • Video Doorbell Kit (includes Bellman Visit Door Transmitter; please purchase Kit not this individual item)