Bellman Visit Safe Pack


The Bellman Visit Safe Pack contains a Bellman Visit Smoke Detector and Alarm Clock, including Bed Shaker. If set up and used correctly, the Bellman Visit Safe Pack can alert you to a fire with flashing light, strong vibrations and loud sound.


Are you safe in your home? The majority of fatal fires in homes occur between 8pm and 8am, and especially between midnight and 4am. If you don’t have a working smoke alarm, your chance of dying in a house fire increases by 60%.*

For the safety of you and your loved ones, it is important that you have a smoke alarm system that will alert you to a fire even if you’re fast asleep and not wearing your hearing aids or cochlear implant processor.

With a Bellman Visit Safe Pack, you gain both the security of knowing you’ll be woken if there’s a fire, and the convenience of a an alarm clock that can flash, sound and vibrate when it’s time to get up to wake even the deepest sleepers.

The Bellman Visit Safe Pack contains:

  • 1 x Bellman Visit Smoke Detector
  • 1 x Bellman Visit Alarm Clock (inc. Bed Shaker)

To set up, attach the Smoke Detector to the ceiling using the provided screws or your own heavy-duty double-sided tape. The antenna should hang down vertically to increase range. Put the Alarm Clock on your bedside table and plug it into a power outlet. Plug the Bed Shaker into the Alarm Clock, and then place it on the mattress, under a fitted sheet (stops Bed Shaker from falling down the back of the bed, and prevents strangulation).

If the Smoke Detector is activated, it will flash and make a loud noise, the Alarm Clock face will repeatedly flash a bright red light and make a loud noise, and the Bed Shaker will vibrate. Because the Smoke Detector makes a loud noise, the system should also wake hearing people in the household.

Bellman Visit Smoke Detector features:

  • Certified compliant with the Australian Standard AS3786:2014
  • Photoelectric infrared sensor, to detect both smoke and heat
  • Comes with a lithium battery with a 10-year life expectancy.
  • Can connect with multiple Bellman Visit receivers, including Visit Alarm Clock, Flash Receiver, Pager Receiver and Portable (Loud) Receiver to alert you to smoke and fire via different means throughout your house

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock features:

  • Powered by electricity, but also contains rechargeable NiMH batteries for backup in a power outage
  • Extra loud alarm of more than 100 dB, which gradually increases in volume (but you can also set clock to mute, so it wakes you through vibration and/or flashing only)
  • High intensity flashing light when it’s time to get up (but you can also turn off flash light, so clock wakes you through vibration and/or sound only)
  • Please note that smoke and fire override the mute and no flash settings. If the Bellman Visit Smoke Detector is activated,  the Visit Alarm Clock face will repeatedly flash red and make a loud noise, and if plugged in, the Bed Shaker will vibrate.
  • Powerful vibrations through the Bed Shaker
  • Blue night light function provides illumination for a nighttime toilet visit, without waking your sleeping partner
  • Smart snooze function reduces the snooze interval by 2 minutes each time, starting at 9 minutes
  • As well as alerting you to fire via the Bellman Visit Smoke Detector, the Visit Alarm Clock works with other Bellman Visit transmitters and accessories to let you know you have visitor, your baby is crying, your landline or mobile phone are ringing, etc.

The Bellman Visit Safe Pack is compatible with other Bellman Visit transmitters, receivers and accessories, so you can be alerted to what’s happening in your home throughout the day and night.

* Coates, L., Kaandorp, G., Harris J., Van Leeuwen, J., Avci, A., Evans, J., George, S., Gissing, A., van den Honert, R. & Haynes, K. (2019) Preventable residential fire fatalities in Australia July 2003 to June 2017, Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre: Melbourne, Australia, August 2019, ISBN 9780648275633,


Is one smoke detector enough?

This depends on the size of your home, but often one Smoke Alarm Pack is not enough.

In Australia, the minimum legal requirement is one smoke detector per floor of a building. But most Australian fire services recommend installing one smoke detector in each bedroom, living space, hallway and staircase throughout a home.**

Your Bellman Visit Smoke Detectors cannot be interconnected with standard audible smoke detectors installed in your home.

But the current model Bellman Visit Smoke Detector (BE1289) can be interconnected with up to 40 other BE1289 Bellman Visit Smoke Detectors. So with multiple Bellman Visit Smoke Detectors installed, even if a fire starts in the far corner of large home, as soon as one Smoke Detector is triggered then all interconnected Smoke Detectors will be triggered and the entire household alerted via loud sound in-range Bellman Visit receivers.

You can purchase Bellman Visit Smoke Detectors separately, as well as part of a Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm Pack or Bellman Visit Safe Pack.

** For example, Fire and Rescue NSW <> and Department of Fire & Emergency Services WA <>